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Se dice que los ojos son la Ventana del Alma y la piel alrededor de los ojos Why treat the skin in the eye area differently than the rest of the face? Many of my patients ask me if they can use the same anti-aging cream they use on their face around their eyes. I tell them, of course you can! But why would you want to? The skin around your eyes is different and requires a different approach to skin care as you age. Take a moment to see this for yourself. Place your index finger inside the corner of your eye, under your eye. Now gently slide your finger to about the halfway mark under your eye. Next, gently slide your index finger down over your cheek. Feel the difference? The skin around the eye is much thinner and more delicate. There are several reasons you should use a cream specifically designed for the eye area. Reason #1: Skin ages 36% faster around your eyes. This is an extremely fragile area where the skin is 10 times thinner than the rest of the face and ages 36% faster! You felt that just a few seconds ago, didn't you? It is easy to see why it is one of the first areas to show the visible signs of aging. 5 Reason #2: Fat volume is decreasing and your skin is sagging. When you are young, fat and collagen "plump" your skin, giving it structure. There are actually natural little fat "pockets" evenly distributed around your eyes and cheeks. However, as you age, fat breaks down and starts to shift downward. 6 Areas around your eyes that were once full and rounded may now appear flatter. Skin that was smooth and tight may get loose and start to sag. 7 When collagen fibers break down, flexibility and strength begin to disappear and you're stuck with loose, crepey, unflattering skin. Next thing you know the skin around the eyes thins and becomes vulnerable to crow's feet, under-eye circles, bags and swelling. 8 Now put a harsh topical irritant on your delicate eye area - like those contained in so many creams, lotions and serums (particularly those never meant for the eye area) - and you just added another reason for your eye area to appear older than your true years. Reason #3: Dark circles appearing for seemingly no reason. Yale Researcher recommends a topical with a plumping agent under the eyes - like Refresh Eye Lift! In an interview with the New York Times, Dr. John A. Persing, chief of plastic surgery at Yale University School of Medicine, explained that for patients with dark circles, he recommends a topical that contains a plumping agent to give the appearance of added volume. 12 Refresh Eye Lift contains two ingredients - glucomannan and hyaluronic acid - both of which give the appearance of plumping the skin! I remember once boasting to a friend who was lamenting about her under-eye circles that I never have to worry about them. "I'm lucky I guess." Sure enough, karma came knocking. One day there they were, like rings on a raccoon. That was the moment I knew exactly how my patients felt. and was determined to do something about it! What causes dark circles and puffiness? There are plenty of causes. Allergies and sinus issues. Irritants and pollution, which trigger inflammation. And sometimes they are just hereditary. 9 Dark circles and puffiness may also be a result of thinning skin which allows the blood to show through, creating a bluish cast and hallows around the eyes. 10 Reason #4: Loss of moisture can make your eyes appear older. The skin around your eyes absorbs and loses moisture differently than the skin on the rest of your face. There are few oil glands there to keep the skin fully hydrated and moisturized. 11 Replacing lost moisture in the eye area is critical as skin ages! Otherwise, you just look old and tired. 1 McCoy, L. "Traditional wisdom from Yuzurihara - the Village of Long Life." The Epoch Times. April 6 - 12, 2011. 2 Szulczyk, K. "Everything You Wanted To Know About Hyaluronic Acid." Ken Szulczyk's Blog. 6 March 2014. 3 Konjac Root. Herbal Extracts Plus. 4 Keithley, J. Swanson, B. et al. "Safety and Efficacy of Glucomannan for Weight Loss in Overweight and Moderately Obese Adults." J. Obes. 2013; 2013: 610908. Published online 2013 Dec 30. 5 Cardellino, C. "The Best Eye Creams You Should Be Using Now." Cosmopolitan. Dec. 18, 2012. 6 Lee, T. "Why your face ages and what you can do." Harvard Health Publications. September 2010. 7 Ibid. 8 Goldfaden, G. Goldfaden, R. "Reverse Skin Aging Around Your Eyes." Life Extension Magazine. June 2011. 9 Ibid. 10 Almasi, M.R. The No-Knife Eye Lift: Age-proof your eyes with these turn-back-time tips and treatments. Good Housekeeping. Oct. 7, 2008. 11 Linder, J. "Addressing Aging for the Eyes, Neck, Chest and Hands." Skin Inc. September 30, 2015. 12 Zezima, K. "Putting 'You Look Tired' to Rest." The New York Times. June 12, 2008. 13 All Natural Skin Care Products. Pure Radiance. 14 Lee do, H. et al. Improvement in skin wrinkles using a preparation containing human growth factors and hyaluronic acid serum. PubMed. 15 Szulczyk, K. "Everything You Wanted To Know About Hyaluronic Acid." Ken Szulczyk's Blog. 6 March 2014. 16 Goldfaden, G. Goldfaden, R. "Fight Skin Aging with Coffee Extracts." Life Extension Magazine. November 2013. 17 Laine, A. et al. Identification of proteins by crossed immunoelectrophoresis with a trap-gel. Anal Biochem. 1987. 18 What Is It: Ferulic Acid. Truth in Aging. July 21, 2008.
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Esta semana he introducido en la tienda una nueva Tarjeta para protección contra las radiaciones electromagnéticas emitidas por teléfonos móviles, wifi, teléfonos inalámbricos, portátiles, tablets y demás dispositivos electrónicos.
El Cepillo Iónico Soladey revoluciona la higiene dental
Nuevo video subtitulado , el Cepillo Iónico que sin necesidad de pilas ni dentífricos elimina la placa dental. Luce dientes relucientes al mismo tiempo que ahorras dinero en dentífricos y visitas al dentista.
El Cepillo Iónico que sin necesidad de pilas ni dentífricos elimina la placa dental. Cuida tu salud evitando dentífricos tóxicos, especialmente los que contienen flúor.
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